Meet The Blogger #5: Ellen from ‘Ellen G Blogs’

Welcome to my final Meet The Blogger post! Back to normal posting next week! Today’s second blogger is Ellen from ‘Ellen G Blogs‘. Ellen is one of my best friends in real life, and has recently started a blog to fine tune her English skills and boost her personal statement for university. Her blog doesn’t have many posts yet but she’s currently posting every Sunday! Here’s our interview:

Meet The Blogger:

QUESTION ONE: What’s your blog all about?

Ellen: ‘My blog is about a whole mixture of things depending on what I feel like posting that week. I’ve only done a few posts so far (talking about Disney mostly!), but in the future I aim to post about school/college/uni and jobs in order to help people out, along with other general lifestyle tips and probably more Disney!’

QUESTION TWO: Why did you start blogging?

Ellen: ‘I started blogging because I have always had a passion for English, which I intend to study at university and I thought that blogging would be a good way to boost my uni application whilst doing something I’m passionate about- therefore killing two birds with one stone!’

QUESTION THREE: What are your current blogging goals?

Ellen: ‘I’ve never really thought about this- I’d like to keep to my posting schedule, which I’ve been pretty awful at so far, and hopefully be able to help people of a similar age to me when it comes to anything college related and (once I know more about it) university.’

QUESTION FOUR: What would you like to achieve from your blog in the future?

Ellen: ‘I would hopefully like to achieve my goal of helping people out, and I’d like to achieve a wider audience. I think I’m doing okay so far given that I’ve just started though!’

QUESTION FIVE: What’s your number one blogging top tip?

Ellen: ‘Blog about whatever interests you, otherwise you’ll get bored! Also don’t leave writing/preparing your posts to the last minute as they won’t be the best they can be and may seem rushed. Take time to read over your posts and check for spelling/grammar errors and preview your post before posting it.’

You can follow Ellen on Twitter @EllenGBlogs! That point about rushing your posts is very true, I learnt that from my blogmas posts! I hope that you enjoyed my Meet The Blogger Series and I hope that I may be able to do it again in the future! I thought it was a great way of supporting bloggers!

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