Meet The Blogger #1: Hannah from ‘Hannah Beth Blogs’

Welcome to the first (of five) Meet The Blogger post! Today’s blogger is Hannah from ‘Hannah Beth Blogs’. Hannah is quite a new blogger, but I see quite a lot of potential in her! She is (I would say) a mainly beauty and lifestyle blogger, and she likes to review things! Her blog is, and I’m sure she’d be very happy if you checked it out! Here’s our interview:

Meet The Blogger:

QUESTION ONE: What is your blog about?

Hannah: ‘My blog is a bit of everything really. I write about what I enjoy writing about, such as fashion and beauty, products I love, things I like. I also try to listen to what people want to read about- there are often a few (arguably annoying) polls on my insta stories about what my next post should be! I’ll never post something if my hearts not in it, but it also matters whether or not other people want to read it.’

QUESTION TWO: Why did you start blogging?

Hannah: ‘I started blogging because I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel but I’ve never had the confidence. When someone I knew of from school started a blog, last September, I realised that this could be a way of not letting my anxieties get in the way of something I want to do. I can still talk about the things I love without worrying about people judging my voice or the way I look.’

QUESTION THREE: What are your current blogging goals?

Hannah: ‘ I try not to worry too much about numbers, although having said that, I’d love to reach 1K followers on Instagram. However my real goal at the moment – although it’s not blogging related – is to do well in my GCSEs. Once they’re over, I’ll have much more time to dedicate to my blog!’

QUESTION FOUR: What would you like to achieve from your blog in the future?

Hannah: ‘I haven’t really thought too far into the future as far as blogging is concerned. I’d like to establish a solid posting schedule that I can stick to, and that fits in with my A Levels. I think, for me, it would be a fairly big achievement to keep it up – I never succeeded in keeping a diary when I was younger! (Neither did I, welcome to the club!) I’d love to get to a point where people enjoy my posts and maybe even look forward to my posting (if such a point even exists!). That would be pretty cool!’

QUESTION FIVE: What’s your number one blogging top tip?

Hannah: ‘It’s so important not to get caught up in worrying about numbers. Unless you’re superhuman, it’s normal for it to be slow to start with. With time, your posting will improve as it becomes more natural to you, and with that will come more followers. Honestly though, it’s best not to think too much about how many people are reading your posts etc. and do it mainly for the enjoyment. If you enjoy what you do, that will come across in your posts and more people will read them!’

I hope you enjoyed my first ‘Meet The Blogger’ post! Remember to go and check out Hannah’s blog and social media (@hannahbethblogs), oh and also wish her luck in her upcoming GCSE exams! (Good Luck Hannah!)

Make sure you come back tomorrow to meet a new blogger!

Thanks for reading!


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