March Favourites

It’s that time again! Time for my March Favourites! I’m not really sure why, but this month’s favourites is a slightly random selection of things. I guess I didn’t really try or buy many new things, never mind! Here are the things that I loved in March:

March Favourites:

Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream

The first thing that I really liked in March was the Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream in the original ‘Pink’ scent. I originally bought it for my mum for Mother’s day, and I decided that I wanted to try it out myself and so I bought my own. I really like this hand cream because its really non-sticky and non-greasy and it makes my hands feel really soft and smooth. It contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow, which give it its soft, nourishing qualities. The smell of it is really nice and pleasant; it’s meant to be ‘rose and bergamot’. In addition to the hand cream itself, I also really like the packaging. Anything pink tends to have an appeal to me! On the top it says ‘The most astonishing hand cream ever? You decide!’. Oh, I have decided and I agree; I’d highly recommend this!

If you would like your own, you can find it in Boots*! (there’s also another ‘flavour’ you can check out too!)

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

The second thing I’ve been liking in March is the book ‘Fangirl’ by Rainbow Rowell. This is my current reading book and I’ve been a bit slack on the ol’ reading recently, but I have to say I have been enjoying this book! It’s about twins, Cath and Wren, and they’re going off to university but Wren doesn’t want to share a room with Cath. Cath is in a fandom for this big series called ‘Simon Snow’ and she writes fan fiction about it! I’ve planned to a do a full book review post on this once I’ve finished it! If you’d like a copy, you can get it in Waterstones and most other book shops! I’ve also got another book, Eleanor & Park, by the same author to read as well!

Marble Sticky Notes

The third thing I’ve been loving this month is some marble sticky notes that I happened to pick up in WHSmith. Everyone knows a blogger’s dream is to own everything marble (stereotyping, sorry)! I like these because they’re unique and a little more interesting than your basic yellow post-it! These have been so useful in planning out my pages in my photography sketchbook and adding information into my notes and textbooks. It’s a great pattern too!

Costa Coffee

Okay, okay call me basic! I’ve been liking Costa a lot recently, as you can probably tell from my Instagram Stories! It’s not just the food and drink themselves, but I really like the good customer service I get in my local Costa. They’re always happy and polite and they’re always happy to serve you, whether it is 7:50 am or 5:15 pm (I’ve been known to go at both times!). My go-to at Costa at the moment is a Vanilla Latte, because I like my coffee to taste the polar opposite of such, and a chocolate muffin! If I go there for lunch, I can never resist picking up one of their ham and cheese paninis! Mmm! I mostly go there for hot chocolate though!

It can be quite expensive but as I have a Costa card I get rewards and deals which is, obviously, great! Costa Coffee is taking over Britain, so you’re probably not far from one. Why not go out for a drink with some friends? #WishThisWasSponsoredByCosta #It’sNot

Muji Gel Pens

The fourth thing I’ve been really liking this month is my current writing pen for my college work! It’s a Muji 0.38 Gel Pen in Black, and I also have one in Pink, Green and I’ve just ordered one in Blue! I first ‘discovered’ these pens quite a while back, before I did my GCSEs, when I joined Tumblr (@beyondthebooks). There’s a community across social media called the Studyblr (known as studygram on Instagram (@jess_studies_)) community and I joined tumblr to be a part of that. It’s so you can motivate yourself to do your school work, or bullet journal.

Everyone in this said community seemed to all be using these pens, and it wasn’t until recently that I bit the bullet and purchased a couple! I now know why everyone likes these pens! They run smoothly and they make my work look nice and neat, and they don’t bleed through the paper! I now want one in every colour! I bought mine individually off of eBay for less than £2 each in some instances!

Tombow Dual Brush Pen

Along with the Muji Gel Pens, everyone was also using these Tombow brush pens for headers and calligraphy! Again, I wanted to see what all the hype was over and I bought a few. I have them in the same colours as I have the gel pens (including blue!). I wasn’t disappointed, I really like these pens! It took my a while to get used to how to use it but after that I started to really enjoy using them! I use them for most of my headings in my college work! If you’d like to see how I write with them, you can check out my ‘Study With Me #3‘ post (The muji pens are also featured!). I, again, bought these off of eBay for less than £3! You can also see them on my tumblr @beyondthebooks or on Instagram @jess_studies_.

They’re the main things that I have loved this March! I hope you enjoyed my post! The one link, marked with an asterisk (*), is an affiliate link which means I may receive commission when the link is clicked or a purchase is made but this doesn’t affect you at all (more information on ‘disclaimer’ page). The rest of the links, however, are just ordinary links! I also hope that you had a great Easter and that you had hot cross buns and chocolate!

Thank you for reading, see you Friday!



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