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I haven’t done a beauty post in a while so I thought that I’d review a nice moisturiser that I got recently. It’s from Lush, it’s called ‘Sleepy’ and it’s engineered in a way that’s meant to help you sleep better (also it smells reallllllly nice!)

I’ve had trouble sleeping for a while now and my mum heard good things about this and decided to get some for me. I decided pretty quickly that I actually really quite liked it. It has a really soothing lavender scent, and it really does relax me… which is what I think is meant to do! I don’t really know if it has done anything for my skin; my skin is naturally very soft and so I can’t tell! Other than the usual teenage breakouts, I would say that perhaps my face feels a little better, but as I said before it’s difficult to tell! I think it has improved my sleep, or at least I think it would if I didn’t have to sleep with the telly blaring downstairs! It’s also suitable for vegans, if that interests you!

If you’re interested in this (quite frankly, very nice) moisturiser/body lotion, I have placed a link just below. But I urge you to check the ingredients before you buy as I don’t know how allergen free it it. For reference, I have very sensitive skin, and I get eczema and I haven’t seemed to have a problem with it.

The link is here: Lush Sleepy Body Lotion   

RATING: 5/5 Stars (I love it!!)

I’m planning some exciting things for this blog in the coming month so watch this space!

See you on THURSDAY to celebrate the day I turn seventeen years old!

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee xx

DISCLAIMER: This is my own personal opinion. This post contains NO affiliate links and I'm not earning any money promoting this product :)

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