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What’s in my school bag?

Heyyyyy <3

Yes! First lifestyle post!

So, I have my college welcome/induction day coming up on Monday (3rd July) which is technically like my first day so I thought I’d share what I think you should have in your school bag, by telling you what’s in mine (if that makes any sense!). Please note though this is only my opinion and I am by no means a ‘professional’ (other than the fact I’ve been going to school for almost 12 years hahah).

Firstly, I think that you need a nice strong, sturdy bag. One that you’ll be able to carry around all day (I found out that the college day where I’m going runs from 08:40 to 16:15 which is a long time, however not every day will be that long!). I have this one (see below) which I think that is strong and will last a long time!

My School bag, bought from Amazon

Right, now in (the main bit of) my bag I have these items:

Inside my bag…

I have a main pencil case, another pencil case (for fineliners/extra highlighters etc.), a water bottle (hydration is important!), a rough notebook and a notebook for each subject. I have a small tablet too that I can fit in as well. I also I have a folder for each subject too, but I won’t be carrying them around every day! I feel that all these things are essential for school!

In the front pocket of my bag there are the slightly more optional things.

Randomness that I own…

I have my phone, my bus card, hay-fever tablets, a small amount of money (for lunch!), a pack a tissues, a pack of wipes, some paracetamol, hand gel, a hairbrush and some Polo mints!

The main reason I did this post was because I spent hours searching on the internet school supplies I should have in my school bag and so I thought if I found something like this useful… Other people might too. So here you are! (You’re welcome!)

I hope you’re enjoying my posts so far.

Be back soooooooooooooon!

Buy bag: HERE

Pencil Case: HERE (Only the stripy one is available at the moment!)

Notepads: HERE (Available in A4 & A5)


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