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Goodbye 2017!


So 2017 is very nearly over, it’s gone quick! It definitely had it’s ups and downs and I thought that a great way to round it off would be to share some of my highlights of the year. Let’s start from the beginning:


The first thing I did in 2017 was write out my new years resolutions, but did I stick to them? My first one was ‘Write Blog Regularly’ and I think I can safely say that since starting my new blog this June, that has been achieved. My next one was ‘drink more water’ and I think there is probably room for improvement there… My third was ‘revise well for GCSEs’ and although I didn’t think I did at the time, I think I revised pretty well and that is reflected in my results. My last was ‘be happy and positive’ and I think that I tried very hard to do this and I don’t think I did too badly!

I noted down that the first thing I watched in 2017 was Modern Family! My parents also announced in early January that we were going to Disneyland in the summer! I also found something where on Friday (13th Jan) I blew up a test tube in Chemistry hahaha! Nothing much else exciting happened for me in January!


In February I seem to remember starting my history coursework (which I got a D on hahaha)!  I also went to see an inspector calls on a school trip! In half term, I went to Lakeside and my Grandma’s House! Near the end of February I had my friend’s birthday party which was really good!


I had my very long College interview in March and I just learned a few weeks ago that they must’ve ignored everything I said because I told them everything they needed to know, and they said to me that they knew nothing about it! I had a few appointments this month, and my DT coursework was due in!


In April, I was shown just how under funded Children’s Mental Health Services (CAMHS) is when I had an appointment with them. I also drove a car for the first time! And I visited my Grandma and Grandad!


In May I began my GCSE exams, the first one being on the 4th, and running through until the 19th June! Half term began at the end of the month and I went to a trampoline park!


At the end of half term, in June, I went to a sleepover at my friends house!  I re-started my blog the day after my last GCSE exam (20th) and a few days after that I went to the Isle of Wight (See my post on it HERE). I also went to a theme park and it rained all day!


In July, I firstly had my Welcome Day at College and a few days after I had my school Prom (see post HERE). I also went to Disneyland Paris, which was amazing (Post HERE). My cousin was born and I also started at my second gymnastics club (I go to two, I’ve been going to the other one 3 years before this!). I visited my Grandma and Grandad again!


In August I got my GCSE results (see post HERE) and I went to a sleepover at my friend’s house! I enrolled into College!


I started college officially in September, taking up A Level English Lang & Lit, A Level Photography and BTEC National L3 Health and Social Care. English was dropped after two weeks and swapped for A Level Psychology! I visited my Grandma and Grandad again at the end of the month!


In October, my cousin from America visited! I went to the theme park again and thankfully it didn’t rain all day this time! In half term, I had a thing in the hospital for the first two days and then I went to my Grandma and Grandad’s (on my own though this time!!)


In November, I celebrated My 17th Birthday (see this post HERE), I was also advised to drop one of my subjects so byeeee Health and Social Care. I’m now only doing A Level Photography and A Level Psychology (See more about this HERE)


And now we’re here! So in December I received an A in Photography and an A in Psychology following 3 U s! I also completed Blogmas AND Vlogmas and I had a super great Christmas, despite struggling a little!

I now aspire to fill 2018 with more great memories and on Monday (January 1st!) I will be posting all about my 2018 Goals so look out for that!

I hope you had a GREAT 2017, here’s to 2018!

See you next year!

P.S I decided not to do a ‘What I got for Christmas’ Post, but I do have a Christmas Haul video on Youtube and you can check it out here 🙂 Thanks!

CHRISTMAS HAUL 2017 Video (Sorry the lighting is a bit shocking at first and there’s one little spelling mistake but other than that ENJOY!)


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