Fun at a Trampoline Park!


Happy Monday!

So if you read my post last Thursday you would know that on Friday I went to a Trampoline Park as part of my birthday celebrations! I was meant to go to the Harry Potter studios in London because I last went FIVE whole years ago, but unfortunately it was all booked up. So, I thought going to a trampoline park on an INSET DAY was a good idea… and I was right!

I went with my aunt, who a few months ago gave birth, as she used to be a gymnast so she could give me tips and things! In our hour we get in the place there were only THREE people, including us! It was great, we were able to do whatever we wanted!

I did some skills I already knew: front handspring, front summersault, backdrop backflip and roundoffs! But there was also a big airbag thing there and so for the first time ever I attempted a backflip! (which kind of ended up as a back handspring as I put my hands down!) Hopefully now I’ll be able to improve and learn more backwards skills!

I just realised that as I’ve included ZERO photographs, you probably have NO IDEA what I’m talking about! That’s okay, I planned for this! On YouTube, I have published my first (sort of…) vlog of my time at the trampoline park. There’s not any talking but hopefully you’ll see what I’m talking about now. Here’s the link:

Fun at a Trampoline Park Vlog Video

Got some cool socks!

I’m sorry this isn’t a very long or exciting post! This week though I am planning on doing an extra post on maybe Wednesday or Thursday that I think is a little more personal than (say) this post for example! Hopefully I will have the post I have planned to put up on Friday actually up on Friday but it is another post that requires a video (spoiler alert!) but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get it filmed and edited before then!

Until next time!


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