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Welcome to My Blog!

Oh, hello!

I see you have stumbled upon my little corner of the internet, come, sit down comfortably, you can stay! (I hope I haven’t scared you off already, sorry!) Anyway, my name is Jess and to save my arms aching, I’ve already prepared for you an ‘About Me’ page with everything you need to know about me! It’s HERE if you’re interested. (Literally, click on here, because it’s there!) I had another blog which I’m about to (Right now at 14:30 on Tuesday 20th June 2017) about to delete off of the face of the planet because I feel that it’s just a little basic, tired and, honestly, childish! I have had the same template/layout/look/feel/typeface/everything since I was about 12 years old, so a refresh was bound to happen soon, especially as I’m starting college in September (29th August to be exact, but nobody cares about the specifics!). I’m hoping that I can put a custom domain on here too to make it look uber professional because that is the look I’m going for (if you can’t tell just by looking at it)! [UPDATE: This has happened yAy!)

So, probably the most important part of this entire blog, the posts. What can you expect to see? Well lucky you, I’ve prepared a list of categories (aw I’m just nice like that):

  • Me and My Life (which I can 200% guarantee will be the most boring part of this entire site)
  • Reviews (of random things I decide I want to review. Unless of course, you’d very kindly like me to review a specific item for you (Just request it using the Contact Me page, and I even linked it up for you so you don’t have to do much work… You’re welcome!))
  • Recipes (that I may accidentally, on purpose, do a lot of because why not?)
  • Lifestyle tips n’ things (that I decide to think of haha!)
  • And maybe the occasional fashion/beauty post but unfortunately that is not my area of expertise!

If you are going to read this blog, you must be prepared for sarcastic side comments (Like this…) because I unfortunately cannot control them!

Well, that’s that for now… I’ve gotta do a wholeeeeeeeee load of blog planning (see what I’ve got myself into *sigh*, haha I’m kidding I love it!)

Photo 25-11-2016, 2 22 41 pm

Uh, yeah sorry, that’s my face… I’l pay for your phone screen replacement!


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