Bookmark Review!


So my new posting day is Friday….. and that’s today yay! I have decided to review a bookmark that my friend, Jade, made for me. She has an Etsy store (LINK) where you can buy your own if your interested! She’s also on Instagram as @bookmuffin and even has her own blog so check that out too!

It’s a blue Ravenclaw (Harry Potter) book mark and she also does bookmarks for the other houses and various other themes too! They’re very well crafted from paper and card and they make an excellent addition to your book!

Rating 5/5 stars!

Remember to find out more visit her ETSY store

Sorry for the ridiculously short post!


*DISCLAIMER* I’m not being paid to advertise, my friend made it for me for free so I said that I’d review it on my blog.


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