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Hello again! Welcome to 2018! This post is basically my 2018 goals but, as you can tell by the title, it’s also everything I wish to achieve by the time I’m eighteen in November… Eighteen things to do before Eighteen! Seeing as my birthday is right near the end of the year I thought I’d make them my 2018 goals/New Years Resolutions! So, here they are, tell me what you think:

  1. Raise Money for Charity: I believe that this will definitely be achievable as in March I think that I am going to do a Swim-marathon for b-eat and in May I think I’m going to be doing a Colour Obstacle Rush for Mind!
  2. Travel Abroad: At the time of writing this, there was talk of going to LA in February Half Term to visit Family so if that happens, then that’ll be my time abroad!
  3. Grow my Blog: I’m currently at roughly 1500 all time page views on this blog (so since June) and by then end of this year I’d really like at least 5000 page views! That’ll be really cool! Also to reach 500 followers on my blog social media (Twitter & Instagram)!
  4. Grow my Youtube: I have two Youtube channels, my normal one and a gymnastics one. I have 11 subscribers on my normal one and 7 on the gymnastics one! I’d really like to reach 1000 subscribers on one of them, or at the end of the year I’d like at least 100… That would be really nice!
  5. Pass My Y1 Transition Exams: I have to take an exam in order to be able to get into my second year in Psychology, so obviously I would really like to pass that!
  6. Read All The Harry Potters: I’ve read most of them before, but I want to read them all again! In order!
  7. Read 20 Total Books: Over the course of the year I would like to complete 20 books! I think that this is achievable!
  8. Apply to a Good University: I don’t know yet if I’m doing 2 or 3 years at college so when I work that out I can then decide what university I want to go to (and when!!)
  9. Finally get on the road to get my children’s book published: I wrote a book when I was about 10 about my cats and I’ve been fiddling around with it for years and I think it would be appealing to children so I’d quite like to publish it, I’ve been saying that for years too! Maybe this is the year! I wrote to some Publishing houses but none of them got back to me 🙁
  10. Achieve a higher level in gymnastics: This year marks me being part of a gymnastics club for 4 years! But I’ve been in roughly the same class for all those years so this year I’d like to take it further!
  11. Get a job/earn money: Yesh, I’d like to earn some money somehow…
  12. Start going to the gym: Only doing gymnastics and nothing else has me a little restless so I’d like to start going to the gym to keep my joints strong, or at least doing a little bit more exercise!
  13. Get my Driving Licence: Bit scary, but maybe I’ll learn to drive this year! I don’t know though, I think I want to but it’s scary.
  14. Improve my blog content: I’d really like to sit down and start writing high quality, readable and appealing content because not only will it make me more satisfied of my blog, but hopefully it will draw in others too!
  15. Be more organised: I hoping this will happen, especially as I’ve bought a diary for all my blog things AND a diary for all my school things. I would also like to be more content in revision for exams as well by making better resources for myself and spending more time on it!
  16. Improve my blog photos: Some of the images on this site are of dire quality and much like my posts, I’d like them to eye catching and high quality every time! No more sloppy images!
  17. Drink more water: This sounds a bit pathetic but I’m drinking an awful lot of juice at the moment and I’d like to…not? I’ve decided I’d rather drink water!
  18. Eat More Fruit and Veg: Now I know that I sound like everyone else but I would really like to have more because it makes me feel much more refreshed than any other kind of food! And I really do like fruit and veg too!

I would hope that you will all support me in achieving my goals for this year, I’ll be super grateful! Perhaps 2018 will be my year, only time will tell! Anyway, I have something exciting lined up next week, especially if you’re interested in blogging. Look out for Friday’s post for more information!

See yah then!


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