My Top Five Current Favourites

Long time, no see! I’ve been truly and utterly sWaMpEd with college work, various coursework deadlines and declined university applications. It’s all beginning to settle down now so I can FINALLY post here! Yay! Clearly, I’ve missed a few monthly favourites posts – my last one being September – so, I thought that I’d round all the lovely things that I have been loving over the last few months in one big post…. just to make it up to you a little bit!

My Current Favourites

In no particular order, I now present to you my current favourites:

1. Bilou Creamy Shower Foam

I recently discovered this shower foam from a German brand called Bilou – which is available from Superdrug here in the UK. I love it because I think the packaging is so cute and aesthetically pleasing, plus it smells really good! Another positive is that their products are also completely vegan, cruelty and suitable for sensitive skin. If you’re in the market for new shower gel, I’d get myself down to Superdrug ASAP!

2. Mossery Co. Undated Planner

This is something I have only bought recently, but I know I’m going to grow to love it a lot! It’s the Mossery Undated Planner. I love the concept of the undated planner because it doesn’t matter when in the year you start it. Also, if you forget to use it it doesn’t matter because you can pick it up again any time you like!

There are many different designs, both internal and external you can get for it! I have the Seafoam cover and inside I have the weekly horizontal layout. There are 4 different types of layout you can have, Lined, Dotted, Weekly Vertical and Weekly Horizontal – so they suit everyone! I was so torn between the weekly horizontal and the dotted because I think that the dotted would be really good for bullet journalling, but I already have a bullet journal so I went with the former! These are available on the Mossery website.

3. WorWoder Bluetooth Headphones

I bought these – on impulse – off of Amazon on a deal and I have to admit that I love them a lot! The sound quality appears to be so good and so much better than my old headphones! The fact that they’re bluetooth is a huge plus for me too because it means I don’t have to worry about the wires getting all caught up. They also come with a jack lead as well though so you can plug them into your devices that don’t support bluetooth! I really like the colour too!

4. I Heart Revolution Nudes Chocolate Palette

I’m yet to actually use this product but I think that I will like it a lot! I don’t wear makeup that often, but sometimes I like to make an effort! I like this palette because it contains a mixture of matte and glittery/shimmer eye shadows and they’re all quite natural colours! It wasn’t that expensive either, I bought it from Superdrug. Oh, and it smells of chocolate!

5. Nintendo Switch

For Christmas, my dad bought me and my mum a new Nintendo Switch as I had sold the Nintendo Wii we had earlier in the year! It’s GREAT! It’s like a Wii and a DS all rolled into one! I think it’s an ideal family and personal gaming console and it’s very handy that it doesn’t need to be plugged into the TV when playing (although it can be) like with other consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox.

I hope you enjoyed my first post of 2019, I am hoping to post a lot more now!

Thanks for reading – which products do you love right now?

*Disclaimer* This post contains no ADs, no gifted products or affiliate links.


Woohooo! I’m eighteen!

Yesterday (9th November) was my birthday and, like last year, I thought I’d share a little bit about what I got and what I did! It was an inset day at college luckily so I had the whole day to spend doing something!

What I got…

My biggest present I got this year was my new computer – a Macbook Air! I got this from my parents and they also gave me a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter because we are going to Harry Potter Studios today (Post to come). Most of the other gifts I’ve received have been from friends; I have lots and lots of smellies now which is good because I’m going to be smelling really nice for yearrrrsss! I’ve also received some money from other family members, and I haven’t seen some of then yet so I don’t know if I’ve got anything or not! Thank you everyone for your gifts!

What I did…

As it was an inset day, I took the opportunity to go out somewhere! My friends and I went to Brighton to do some shopping! I met one of my friends at my house, Ellen, in the morning, and the other met us in Brighton later on…

We caught the train, so we were in Brighton at about 11:20. The first thing we did was check out a Harry Potter themed shop called ‘Oliver’s’ near the station that my mum had mentioned. It was pretty cool but I didn’t buy anything from there. We walked towards town and the first shop we went into was Ryman so I could buy a new bullet journal! I had student discount and a voucher so it was pretty cheap! We then headed to Starbucks for a snack as it was too early to get lunch, plus we had to wait for Alicia!

After a bit of a sit down, we headed into the shopping centre and looked around a few shops! I bought a the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation and an Imperial Leather Foamburst Shower Gel from Superdrug! I also bought a bodysuit and skirt from Topshop. When we finished in Topshop, we met Alicia and went to McDonald’s for lunch because it’s easy! I had a happy meal because I wasn’t very hungry! We continued shopping after that…

I bought a small body spray from Hollister because I’ve never shopped there before and I also bought a bathbomb from Lush using a voucher that Ellen had given me. We got lost in The Lanes trying to find Lush! I didn’t buy much more despite going to many different shops!

We headed back at about 4:30 and we had to go an awkward way because the trains weren’t running very well. We went to Costa on the way back and they gave us free cake!

When I got back, I immediately went to gymnastics and saw my friends there! One of my friend’s mum gave me alcohol!!

If you’re interested, I did put a vlog on YouTube if you’d like to check it out HERE

Overall, I had a great day, and I’m looking forward to Harry Potter today and seeing my Grandma on Sunday!

Thanks for reading – when’s your birthday?

PS Sorry I’m posting so little!!

September Favourites

Wow! Finally I am posting my September favourites, only a little bit late!! September seems like soooo long ago now and I’ve been swamped with deadlines, but it’s half term now – which is essentially code for bloggy time!! Luckily I can still remember everything I came to love in September, and I’m going to share it with you:


Blogosphere Magazine

I got my first edition of Blogosphere Magazine since taking out their subscription delivered to my door this September! It was a super thick edition and kept me entertained for hours – and still is! The subscription is the best thing I’ve ever done though as my local WHSmith’s is the most unorganised shop I think you’ll ever cross paths with! I’ve never been able to find it in there and what’s better than getting a delivery!! I’d recommend this magazine and the subscription service to any blogger! Go to to find out more!

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

I finally gave in this September to see what all the hype was around this book, and why it won the Costa Book Awards. Because of college, I never completely finished it but I enjoyed what I did read and I honestly couldn’t put it down! It’s a very interesting book and I can only tell you one thing – this gal ain’t fine!

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Range

The day The Body Shop released their vanilla pumpkin range this year, I went to The Body Shop on Oxford Street and bagged myself a Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Gel and Hand Cream. I’m a bit of a sucker for all things autumnal (basiccc I know!) so obviously I just HAD to go get some! It smells AmAZiNG! I’ve used the hand cream every day since I bought it and I use the shower gel to make bubbles in my baths! If you don’t have this, go get some!

Periodic Table Mug

I can’t remembered when I purchased this mug, but during September particularly I used it A LOT. I guess I find it quite motivating and it holds my hot drink perfectly!

Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte

Yay! The release of the ever famous PSL was in September and of course, I haven’t been drinking anything but! I mean, I have to drink them all before they stop doing them again!

I hope you enjoyed my short, but sweet, September Favourites! There’s a Lush haul coming next!

Thanks for reading – what’s your favourite product?

Life Update – October 2018

Oh, hey there! Long time, no see! So, uh, yeah… It’s been about a month since we’ve been here so I thought that you were all due a little life update – also known as me trying to justify why I haven’t been blogging for a month!

What Have I Been Up To?

I wish I could say ‘ah yes, I’ve been doing a social media/internet detox and I learnt a million valuable lessons from my experience’ – but if you have been anywhere near my Twitter or Instagram stories, you would know that that is most certainly not the case.

Instead I’ve been busy, but that’s a terrible excuse! I’ve been busy enough to have to avoid blogging, I should say! Here’s the part where I attempt to define ‘busy’!

Defining ‘Busy’…


As I’m sure you well know from my previous post, I started back at college as a second year student at the beginning of September – taking two additional subjects under my wing. So that’s one thing, college! The workload itself is reasonable and I have a sufficient amount of frees in order to keep up with everything. But, I become quite behind quite quickly and thus, that was priority – other than watching Grey’s Anatomy 24/7 (currently standing at the second half of Season 9)


Around college, I have had at least one hospital appointment a week – at least one being in London too. This means I am then missing college and I have to catch up – which kinda explains why I’m so behind! My attendance is standing strong at 75% today, that will begin to go up in just over a month or so, I’m hoping! I’ll give you an update on whether my grades have slipped or not once I get my review grades at the end of the month!


I know what you’re thinking ‘it’s okay, college just got in the way’. But no, that would be too simple – wouldn’t it? (Note the sarcasm!!!) Just when I was thinking I was getting on track and everything was going ok-ish, something else happened. I was at gymnastics at the end of September and for probably about half a second, I forgot how to use my legs like an actual human being. Long story short – I’ve torn ligaments in my left ankle, and then I sprained the right one trying to avoid using the left! So not only have I been ridiculously behind in college, but I now can’t walk.

I’m still on crutches for it at the moment, but I have an appointment with my local (ish) fracture clinic on Wednesday which will hopefully be helpful in telling me how long my recovery will be!

What Now?

So, obviously, college is still a priority but I’m hoping to get back into this! I have a few posts I’ve planned to do, but they might be a bit ‘here, there and everywhere’ until I get into a proper routine again. I’m going to do my September Favourites, and I have a bit of a mini Lush Haul to share with you – keep your eyes peeled!

Hopefully, that gives you a little bit of an explanation as to why I haven’t been the best blogger lately!

Thanks for reading – look out for more posts!!!

College Update #2

What’s happening this year?

Yesterday I went back to college for my first day as a second year student. It was all a bit strange if I’m being honest! My Photography class has been split up and moved into other classes, though I have the same teacher. My Psychology class has gained a few people and I’m the year above everyone in my Biology class! It’s scary to think that this time next year I will hopefully be off starting a degree! I thought I’d take the time to explain a couple of things that I’m changing around here in order to keep on top of college! Don’t worry I’m not disappearing!

Also, I don’t have any photos forĀ  this post so enjoy some photos from my last photography coursework shoot!

Last Year…

My timetable is a bit fuller than last year! Last year I had two lessons on a Monday, Tutorial fourth and Psychology sixth. Then I had three lessons on a Tuesday, Photography first and Psychology fourth and fifth. On Wednesday, I had two lessons which were Photography both fourth and fifth. Thursdays I only had one lesson which was Photography sixth. Fridays I only had one lesson too which was Psychology first. My timetable was almost TOO empty, I had so much time that I didn’t know what to do with!

This Year…

This year, I have three lessons on a Monday! This time I have Photography first, Biology second and third and Psychology sixth. Tuesday is a bit less busy, I just have double Psychology in the afternoon! On Wednesday I have two lessons, EPQ first and Tutorial third. Thursday is a little busier again, I have Photography second and third, a 1-2-1 session fourth and Biology fifth. And finally, Friday I have Psychology first, Photography fifth and Biology sixth.

What’s Happening?

As you can probably tell, I have way more work to do and 6 hours less free time! Which is why I have made this decision. From Wednesday 12th September there is only going to be ONE post a week, 5pm on a Wednesday, until further notice! This gives me a chance to stay on top of college, but also to continue pushing out quality blog content which I promise WILL be quality. At least, I’ll try my best!

The Good News!

I do bring good news too, December is exempt from my new blogging schedule! If I can handle it, I will be bringing out two posts a week. These are currently planned for Wednesday and Saturday and will be as an alternative for ‘Blogmas’. If you’ve been here long enough, you’ll remember that I attempted ‘Blogmas’ for twelve days last year and although I did it, it kinda flopped! The photographs for starters were AWFUL and I was running out of ideas towards the end! There will, of course, be some christmassy content, but I am going to try and mix it up a bit! I wouldn’t want you getting bored!

What To Expect…

So, what can you expect from me in this new academic year! Firstly, you can expect a fresh new post every week, and if you’re lucky I may even post a few extra ‘surprise’ posts. This does depend on the workload though! You can also expect, what I hope is, good quality content touching on topics of college and university, mental health, obviously lifestyle and maybe some fashion and recipes thrown in too. I don’t do these very much but we deserve a little change once in a while!

And, Finally…

I hope that you respect my decision and won’t miss me too much! Please, if there’s any posts you’d like to see, don’t be afraid to contact me about it!

Thanks for reading – here’s to the next academic year!